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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The latest construction Pics

Below are a few pictures of the construction progress so far.

Living room



Living room

Exterior shot from the stream

From the road

Monday, August 5, 2013

Le Chef

The chief looking over the edge of what will soon be the veranda. 

From day one the chief has been very supportive of the mission. Whether it's been organizing the entire village to help fill in the foundation or administering funds to the contractor and various suppliers he has been instrumental in moving this project forward. 
One interesting note, during one of my conversations with the chief  concerning God, He said something that really impressed me. He said that we (I'm paraphrasing) That we put God first and then we follow and if we do that are labors are effortless. What a blessing that the chief is getting the message of grace in the remote village of Bano. Keep praying for the chief and the rest of the village. God be praised.

Remblage final phase

After the first remblage the workers are able to start elevation (building the walls.

The building is finally starting to take shape.

What would take one person in a bobcat in the US takes over a 100 villagers a lot of buckets and wheelbarrows in Bano. 

On one side of the building villagers break up rock ....

And fill up wheelbarrows and buckets.....

While the rest of the villagers fill-in the foundation of the veranda one wheelbarrow... 

And one bucket at a time.

If it looks like hard work....
It is.

Everyone helped whether old or young. And everyone volunteered. 

Remblage (many hands make light work)

The Chief had the entire village turn out for the Remblage (leveling). This is where they fill  in the inside of  foundation with dirt and rock to make the floor of the building.

Val and the chief are standing inside the area to be filled. 

Pierre and another worker. 

Here most of the village is at the work site to fill in the foundation with dirt and rocks. So many people are needed because the work is done by hand.

Here the floor of the inner section is starting to take shape.

Many hands make light work. Because the remblage went so well the chief decided to have a village work day once a month. When I talked to Val this morning she told me that today is a village work day. They are repairing one of the roads in the village.  

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Val keeping track of the materials

Construction Pics from June.

As I said in a previous post I will be posting information and pictures in the order they happened. Below are some pictures of the workers in the foundation phase.

Finishing the foundation and adding corner supports.

Because of the hill one side of the foundation is very high.

Workers mixing mortar. Everything is done by hand.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Almost Home

Hello everyone,

I'm still in Chicago this morning, they canceled my flight from last night. I should be in Sioux Falls by 9:30 and Brookings around 10:30. I'll start posting the pictures and video I brought back once I get to Brookings. I'll do it in the order of how events transpired, so that all of you get a feel for the progress that was made.